Alira's story

The story of Alira, intuition, and vision.

Being a wine enthusiast, businessman Dr. Karl Hauptmann desired a vineyard of quality in the country he had already fallen in love with, Romania. The discovery of this paradise was a wonderful coincidence. After the first piece of land they investigated proved to have overly saline soil, he and his team passed through the Aliman area on their way back. It was then that Marc Dworkin, the French winemaker, spotted the sunny hills of Aliman. He stopped and quietly examined the place where, at the time, a cornfield stretched out. It is one of his talents, to feel the breath of the earth. That place became ALIRA. Detailed soil analyses, later sent to laboratories in France, confirmed Marc Dworkin's talent for vineyards and wines. He was right! Now, the paradise in Aliman is perfect: a boutique winery covering over 80 hectares, established in 2007.

The Alira brand has been carefully built over time through dedication and consistency. It is a marriage between the names of the localities Aliman and Rasova, the neighboring areas of Alira's vineyards.

Alira Logo
Our logo, the imposing centaur, draws inspiration from a fragment of bas-relief discovered on the lands of Aliman, which can now be visited at the Museum in Constanta. It is a Roman archaeological piece that refers to the legend of the war between the Lapiths and the Centaurs, a symbol of power that identifies with Alira wines, which contain a dimension of strength, force, even masculinity, represented by the fullness and richness of their taste.

The history of our wines
ALIRA Merlot

A ruby and velvety Merlot that reveals fresh and intense aromas of red fruits.

ALIRA Cabernet Sauvignon

A Cabernet Sauvignon crafted on the banks of the Danube, between Aliman and Rasova, following the Bordeaux philosophy.

ALIRA Fetească Neagră

Made from hand-selected grapes, it represents the tribute we pay to our national grape variety.

Alira Grand Vin

Inspired by the Bordeaux tradition of granting the highest ranking, Grand Vin, to the best wine of the region. 

Alira Concordia

The name Concordia was used by the Romans to refer to the goddess of harmony in marriage.

ALIRA Tribun

Alira Tribun is designed as a response to the "Vox Populi."


The queen of Romanian black grapes and the king of international grape varieties meet again in an elegant rosé.

ALIRA Sauvignon Blanc

A fresh and delicate wine. The wine boasts flavors of bell pepper, pomelo, and freshly cut grass, supported by an intense citrusy finish.