Our history
A brief overview of the most important events of Alira Winery.
The beginning

Being passionate about wine, the businessman Dr. Karl Hauptmann wished for a quality vineyard in the country he was already in love with, Romania. And he found paradise in Aliman.

The Name Alira

The name Alira is a marriage between the names of the localities Aliman and Rasova, where our vineyards are located and where the wine is born, on the banks of the Danube.

First Customers

We received very positive feedback from the first people who purchased our wines. 

Alira Grand Vin

Inspired by the Bordeaux tradition of granting the highest ranking, Grand Vin, to the best wine of the region. 

First White Wine

Starting from the year 2015, our range expanded to include the first white wine, a Sauvignon Blanc, crafted from grapes sourced from the region.

New Alira Vineyard

Following an investment of over 6 million euros, initiated in 2019, a new winery was established in Aliman.

Alira The Story

Our vineyards are located in the Colinele Dobrogei wine region, situated in the Dobrogea Plateau, an area nestled between the Danube River and the Black Sea. It is a region characterized by a plateau terrain that alternates with lower-altitude areas. Here, a humid continental climate prevails, which is conducive to the development of steppe and pontic forest-steppe vegetation, making it ideal for grape cultivation.

The soil is rich in microelements, with loess deposits being predominant in this area. Loess is a yellowish clayey rock, interrupted by appearances of sarmatic limestone.

All these terroir elements provide the best possible conditions for the growth of high-quality grapevines, resulting in slow ripening and ultimately yielding rich, fruity wines with a perfect balance, both in terms of structure and aroma. This is exactly what we aim for: to produce excellent wines for people who deserve them. Because when someone tastes our wines, they don't just experience the powerful aromas or complex structure; they also feel the story behind the wines, the dedicated work of each person who has invested effort, time, and passion to provide an extraordinary moment: Alira wines.

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Red wines

Captivating red wines, carefully crafted by Alira. From vibrant shades of red fruits to sophisticated aromas of vanilla and spices, each glass offers a unique sensory journey. Discover the subtle balance between fine tannins and persistent freshness. Experience a rich palette of red wines, the authentic expression of our distinctive terroir. Blending tradition with innovation, our wines invite you to savor every moment with elegance and refinement.

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Rose wines

Refined rosé wines, passionately crafted by Alira. Vibrant and fresh, these wines exude subtle aromas of wild berries and delicate flowers. With hints of rose and balanced flavors, each glass offers a refreshing and delightful experience. Discover elegance in a glass, where select grapes and modern technology come together to create exceptional rosé wines. Enjoy every sip on a journey of freshness and finesse, highlighting the unique charm of relaxation moments.

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White wines

Distinguished white wines, masterfully crafted by Alira. A rich palette of aromas, from fresh citrus and peach notes to subtle floral accents. With a bright brilliance and delicate flavors, each sip reveals the perfect balance between freshness and complexity. Discover the delicate harmony of white wines, reflecting our attention to detail and passion for quality. From lightly fruity wines, ideal for relaxing moments, to complex and elegant ones, perfect for accompanying the finest dishes, each bottle tells a story of refinement and winemaking tradition.

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